Let's talk Life planner, Chloe & Isabel and pens.

Hello Gorgeous, 

  As a first time mom getting organized can be a challenge.  A life planner has proven to be  life saver for me.  I wanted to share all the items I got to get organized.  I came a crossed Erin Condren planners though YouTube, I fell in love with the layout and I decided to purchased. Reading some of the comments and reviews of the products I saw many complaints about the delivery process. Did I have a problem with delivery ? the answer would be no and yes.

  I ordered Two planners, one for personal use and another as a present. I received mine in the estimated time, however with the second one (both planners were purchased the same day) it took almost Eight weeks to get it delivered. Although it was a very frustrating,   the Erin Condren team was always in contact with me. When the issue was finally resolved my ordered was sent overnight. 

  I have always been a big fan of fine point pens,  I tried many different types until I found the match made in heaven. A super fine pen that is dry safe,  Staedtler has endless color selection and they come with usable holders.  Besides the pens,   I also purchased a set of pastel color Sharpie permanent markers. 

   Lastly I like to mention an item that is non planner related. Chloe and Isabel was introduced to me by a dear friend.  It is a great company with very unique accessories. Statement necklaces, great choices in earrings are just a few of the things you will find. The price range adapt to every budget. Chole and Isabel is a true jewel, don't be shy feel free to visit the site. 

P.S  "Never Forget that true beauty comes from within" JL

Big changes to a small bathroom

Hello Gorgeous, 

  I am very excited to show you the improvements we made to our bathroom. As a New Yorker I have had to get accustomed to small living spaces. Now that I am a home owner I can finally make more drastic changes to our home. Do I wish I had a huge house? sure, however living far from the beautiful Manhattan is just out of the question ;-)

 Here is the list of items we use to make our bathroom a place you won't want to leave: 

- Six shelf unit from Ikea ,it is affordable and functional

- Artificial plant from Target, a great idea for hard to reach places

- Towels are from Target, they have a lot of options 

- Kleenex tissue box from Target, so many designs so little time

- Candle from Target, Lavender Lemonade scent

- Plastic plate from Target

- Shower curtain from HomeDepot

- Banbury Double Robe Hook in Chrome from HomeDepot, there are Three different finishes

- White shelf from Target

- Plastic container from Target


  Making changes to a bathroom does to have to brake the bank. There are options for all budgets, just have fun with it. I would love to know if you have plans to decorate a room or an entire house. Please let me know if you like this blog, if you did don't forget to give it a like. Don't be shy share, share, share this post and video :)

Thank you, 

Jennifer Lassiter