To be or not to be... A mom!

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Getting married, purchasing a house and a dog, having kids. Sound familiar? I've heard it hundreds of times. The ideal relationship paired with the picture perfect happily ever after. However, that is rarely the case. I found my perfect match, the main reason that made him the one was the fact that he did not want children. I was fortunate to have had a great childhood, but I never pictured my life with kids. I've always said, "I rather have a passport in my hand than a diaper bag."

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Mr. Right and I were on the same page. We traveled, we purchased a house, and everything seemed to go as planned. To my surprise everything changed when I turned 30, I have been married for ten years (yes I married early lol) and my personal life was right where I pictured it to be. One morning I woke up and I felt weird, something was off and I had no clue what it was. I started to wonder how our baby would look. Will it have his eyes? My hair? Who's personality will be predominant? Always calling it instead of He or She.
  Questions went on for weeks; I would first ignore them, then curiosity they will find its way back into my head. I kept asking myself, What is wrong with you? You do not like kids! Suddenly without noticing, I started to look for school information and uniforms. It took me almost two months to bring it up in a conversation to Mr. Right, to my surprise he was not opposed to the idea. He asked me to wait two more years to get everything settled and planned carefully for what it would be the most crucial decision of our life.

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Two years later I was expecting a healthy baby. Wanting to have two girls I can honestly say that I am in love with my two beautiful boys. On the last note, when people ask me Can you picture your life without kids? I say yes I do. I don't think my life would have been incomplete without kids. Would I do it all over again? Absolutely!

Let's talk Life planner, Chloe & Isabel and pens.

Hello Gorgeous, 

  As a first time mom getting organized can be a challenge.  A life planner has proven to be  life saver for me.  I wanted to share all the items I got to get organized.  I came a crossed Erin Condren planners though YouTube, I fell in love with the layout and I decided to purchased. Reading some of the comments and reviews of the products I saw many complaints about the delivery process. Did I have a problem with delivery ? the answer would be no and yes.

  I ordered Two planners, one for personal use and another as a present. I received mine in the estimated time, however with the second one (both planners were purchased the same day) it took almost Eight weeks to get it delivered. Although it was a very frustrating,   the Erin Condren team was always in contact with me. When the issue was finally resolved my ordered was sent overnight. 

  I have always been a big fan of fine point pens,  I tried many different types until I found the match made in heaven. A super fine pen that is dry safe,  Staedtler has endless color selection and they come with usable holders.  Besides the pens,   I also purchased a set of pastel color Sharpie permanent markers. 

   Lastly I like to mention an item that is non planner related. Chloe and Isabel was introduced to me by a dear friend.  It is a great company with very unique accessories. Statement necklaces, great choices in earrings are just a few of the things you will find. The price range adapt to every budget. Chole and Isabel is a true jewel, don't be shy feel free to visit the site. 

P.S  "Never Forget that true beauty comes from within" JL

ColourPop & Mac Haul

Hello Gorgeous, 

  ColourPop is an L.A company that has turned the makeup industry upside down.  The shadows and highlighters have a very unique texture.  Their netlike consistancy make the color POP! no pun intended ;-) The best part is that they do not test on animals. 

  Here are is the list of my ColourPop purchase: 

  Metamorphosis quad created by Dani from CoffeBreakwithDani. This quad has the following colors: 

- Bravery: Brown with a matte finish

- Strength: Peachy  caramel with a satin finish

- Hope: Opal with pink, violet and silver duo chrome sheer finish

- Kindness: Red brown undertone with a gold green and blue duo chrome in a sheer finish 

  These are the other ColourPop products I purchased

- Stole the show: light cool toned gold with pink, silver and gold

- Game face: Copper with a ultra metallic finish 

- I heart this: cool toned taupe with silver and glitter 

   MAC has done it again! they came out this a limited edition product that has everyone going BANANAS. Scented Fix + YAY, I purchased Cucumber and Coconut. There are also Yuzu, Rose and Lavender scents. 

P.S - "Never forget that true beauty comes from within" JL


Big changes to a small bathroom

Hello Gorgeous, 

  I am very excited to show you the improvements we made to our bathroom. As a New Yorker I have had to get accustomed to small living spaces. Now that I am a home owner I can finally make more drastic changes to our home. Do I wish I had a huge house? sure, however living far from the beautiful Manhattan is just out of the question ;-)

 Here is the list of items we use to make our bathroom a place you won't want to leave: 

- Six shelf unit from Ikea ,it is affordable and functional

- Artificial plant from Target, a great idea for hard to reach places

- Towels are from Target, they have a lot of options 

- Kleenex tissue box from Target, so many designs so little time

- Candle from Target, Lavender Lemonade scent

- Plastic plate from Target

- Shower curtain from HomeDepot

- Banbury Double Robe Hook in Chrome from HomeDepot, there are Three different finishes

- White shelf from Target

- Plastic container from Target


  Making changes to a bathroom does to have to brake the bank. There are options for all budgets, just have fun with it. I would love to know if you have plans to decorate a room or an entire house. Please let me know if you like this blog, if you did don't forget to give it a like. Don't be shy share, share, share this post and video :)

Thank you, 

Jennifer Lassiter